International Best Selling Author creates new 7 day video programme to help children and parents

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If you’re watching this video then it’s very likely that you’re
the worried parent of a child that still wets the bed at night 


Maybe you’re a health professional who helps
children overcome this miserable problem.

My name’s Alicia Eaton – I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach –
and I’ve been seeing children with bedwetting problems
in my Harley Street clinic since 2004.

Like you, I’ve realized that it’s not always an easy problem to fix.  

You see, over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of children – many of them teenagers – struggling to get out of this miserable habit.   And that’s why I developed my “Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days” system.  

I wanted to show parents how easy it can be to fix this problem, using the same kind of mind/body exercises that top athletes and sports people use all the time to get their bodies to perform better.

The book was first published in 2009 and quickly became a best-seller.  It’s now recognised and praised by NHS Hospital Consultants.

“ Stop Bedwetting in 7 days is very good. I have found it to be clear and effective and indeed recommend it to a number of my patients who feel it’s very useful. A useful addition to the tool box.”
Dr Anne Wright – Consultant Paediatrician in charge of Children’s Neuropathic Bladder Service – Evelina Children’s Hospital, Guy’s & St. Thomas’s NHS Trust

My system does what all those expensive pull-up pants, noisy bed alarms and unhealthy medications just can’t do.

This week long step-by-step programme of exercises and activities is fun and easy to follow, whilst it encourages your child’s mind to create a new set of habits and behaviours.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all bedwetting is – just a bad habit that your child’s body has got into.

And now, to help parents even more, I’ve created an online Video version of this programme, so I can do more of the work for you.  You see, I’m a busy parent too and I know there’s only so many things we can be expected to do in a day.

So you can sit back and hand over the responsibility of working through the exercises and activities to me – it’s just as if your child were in a real face-to-face session with me in my London Clinic.

Step-By-Easy-Step 7 Day Video Programme

So easy to follow for you and your child


So you can simply relax and watch as:


          • your child’s confidence begins to sky rocket
          • sleepovers and school trips become something to look forward to
          • family holidays become enjoyable experiences
          • shopping bills go down as you ditch buying all that night-time protection
          • washing sheets and changing beds becomes a thing of the past.

We all know that kids love sitting in front
of the TV and computer, so your child will need
no extra encouragement to follow this programme



You’ll also get My Stop Bedwetting Diary for FREE

Stop Bedwetting

“Stop Bedwetting in 7 days is a must have for parents struggling to handle bedwetting. This great video programme is bursting with practical advice and simple ideas that really work. A wonderful way to handle the ups and downs of bedwetting so your child learns to succeed.”
Sue Atkins – The Parenting Expert
Author of ‘Raising Happy Children for Dummies’

“Alicia has a real gift for communicating complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I highly recommend her work particularly when applied to children (and their parents)”
Michael Neill – Hollywood Super Coach and International Best Selling Author

Excerpt from the video course


So … can you really afford to wait another year and simply “hope”
that your child will get dry at night?

Take the opportunity to speed the whole process up
and sign up for my new video programme now.

Together… we can put a smile back on your child’s face.

Stop Bedwetting

PLUS – we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee right now.  

We know the success that so many children around the world have had with this programme, so we know your child will benefit too.  

If for some reason, after 30 days of following this programme and completing your Bedwetting Diary, you see no difference in your child’s bedwetting habit at all, simply return it to us and we’ll happily refund your money in full.  

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This video course is an investment of just £78*

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This is a digital downloadable product. You have a choice of viewing the videos online or downloading them.
No waiting – just instant access for you and your child to start straightaway .

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